Tuesday, September 9, 2008

iPhone 3G third party applications crashing on startup

1Sometimes third party applications (like Monkey Ball) will crash and return to the home screen after loading for only a few seconds. This problem appears to be related to an incomplete AppStore download. Rebooting the iPhone is often all that's required to fix the problem. If rebooting fails to work then loading up the App Store on the iPhone and downloading a free application or updating an existing one will almost always fix the problem. The last resort would be to do a full sync/backup with iTunes.

I've never had to restore the iPhone firmware to fix this problem as one of the three previously mentioned problems will fix the issue.

Fixing YouTube on a jailbreaked 2.02 iPhone 3G

11Jailbreaking an iPhone 3G is relatively painless except that YouTube will often fail with a "cannot connect to youtube" error.

There are numerous "fixes" around the internet but they all didn't work for me. The only way that seemed to work is:

  1. Delete the "%AppData%\Roaming\Apple Computer\Lockdown" directory from your computer (you may need to do this after jailbreaking anyway as iTunes may stop talking to your iPhone if you don't)
  2. Install OpenSSH on your iPhone along with BossPrefs and then use BossPrefs to enable SSH.
  3. Use WinSCP (or equivalent) and SSH into your iPhone using its current IP address. The username/password is root/alpine.
  4. Browse to the /private/var/root directory and delete or rename the "lockdown" folder.
  5. Shutdown your iPhone and make sure the USB cable is unplugged
  6. Turn in your iPhone. Reinsert your SIM card and unlock it if necessary.
  7. Your iPhone will request that you plug in your USB cable to activate the phone with an obvious looking picture.
  8. After the activation process is complete (it should only take few seconds after you plug in the USB cable and iTunes loads), YouTube should work again.
It is important that the lockdown directory on both the PC and iPhone are deleted so that a full reactivation of the iPhone can be forced. Deleting only one or the other will cause a mismatch of keys and will not fix the issue.


Contractless IPhone 3G broadband in New Zealand:

The guys at the Vodafone store will tell you that you need an iPhone contract to use 3G data on the iPhone. That's not entirely true. They preconfigure the iPhones to use the iphone.vodafone.net.nz APN but you can easily browse to this website 35on your iPhone to reconfigure your iPhone to use the standard www.vodafone.net.nz or internet APN. With this setting you an opt to use Vodafone's $1 a day 3G data plan or their contractless monthly data plans.