Thursday, August 9, 2007

SST-ST30NF fanless PSU

Wow, the ST30NF from Silverstone is a fantastic power supply. I've been using it in my HTPC for over 2 months and it has worked perfectly.
  • The powersupply produces no noise (not even electronic buzzing unless you ear is right on the casing)
  • The powersupply was half the price of my original SilenX powersupply (which despite the advertising produces a heck of a lot more than 14dB of noise)
  • Produces a suprisingly little heat (Core 2 Duo system).
  • Although rated at only 320W, the power supply actually uses a 520W core and is configured to automatically shutdown if it is loaded to over ~400W.
I have two intake takes that blow air through the powersupply. The fans are undervolted to 7V and produce nex to no noise when running. I use the fans to promote air flow and reduce stagnant pools of warm air, not to actually perform any direct cooling.


At August 14, 2007 at 11:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you the same person who created the VNCX- VNC ActiveX Control? If so, please leave a comment about how I might contact you, because I've tried to contact you using tum at veridicus dot com, but got no response back.



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